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Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes

There are many great mysteries in life: the true purpose of Stonehenge, the origin of the monolithic statues of Easter Island and whether or not we are alone in the universe. But perhaps the greatest mystery of them all is who invented the googly eye.

“What could be more interesting,” I thought to myself, “than writing about the origin of the googly eye in my very first blog post about stuff that I like?” The obvious answer was nothing. Nothing could be more interesting than the origin of the googly eye.

So, in preparation for one of the most enlightening blog entries ever, I began to search the World Wide Web for information about googly eyes and found absolutely nada. I even searched the US Patent database. The closest match I could find was an “Attention Diverter for Camera,” filed by Elizabeth M. Heinzelmann on April 29, 1987.

But I digress. Googly eyes. 

As a last-ditch effort to wow readers with completely useless information, I turned to Wikipedia for help. Surely someone somewhere possessed privileged information about the origin of the googly eye that he or she wanted to share with the world via a collaborative, volunteer written, multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopaedia. But, yet again, I was met with disappointment. In spite of having been edited six times alone this past month, the most interesting thing I found on Wikipedia’s entry for “googly eyes” was a picture of a Muppet wearing a Korn t-shirt.

Dejected, I finally decided that where googly eyes came from is not important. What is important is that googly eyes qualify as stuff I like. At least, it is important as far as this blog is concerned.


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