baby painted turtle

Up until a few weeks ago, I had a painted turtle that I kept in my pond. He was just a little guy. We had found him wandering along the steps, probably in search of a larger body of water, and decided to keep him for the time being in our 1,000+ gallon water monstrosity.


I decided to name him Keith Richards, as I imagined numerous people had probably found Keith Richards wandering around in a disoriented state much like we had discovered my beloved turtle. For two weeks, I visited the pond every day in search of Keith. I would eventually find him sunning himself on a floating log or rooting around in the various plants found within the pond. And in those two weeks, we became as close as a turtle and a person who stares at said turtle once a day for approximately three to four minutes could become. 

keith richards

That is why a little piece of my heart broke when, upon one of my daily visits to the pond, I was unable to locate Keith. He’d wandered out of my life just as he had wandered in. At least, I choose to believe that he wandered out. It sure is more pleasant to presume that he left our pond of his own accord rather than accept that there is a chance he was eaten by a larger animal or expired in some other unpleasant fashion.


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