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There are people in this world who lament over their natal anniversary. For some reason, the arrival of this day causes them grief. I find myself unable to relate to these individuals. Perhaps it is because I am still relatively young. I do not mind getting older. As some say, getting older certainly beats the alternative. I assume this alternative of which they speak is being cryogenically frozen or placed into suspended animation. As both of these alternative options have yet to be entirely mastered by the scientific advancements available to us today, I agree that aging certainly does beat the alternative.

I feel like my birthday is the perfect opportunity to trick strangers into being nice to me. For instance, I firmly believe that people are given more leeway on the day of their births. Feel like going just a little bit too fast while driving on the highway? Do it on your birthday. What kind of police officer would give a speeding ticket to someone on their birthday? A mean police officer. A mean police officer who is actually doing exactly what he or she is supposed to do. But seriously, do it and then tell me what happens.

I have yet to understand why I receive gifts on my birthday. Did I do anything spectacular on this day? To be honest, probably. I am a pretty spectacular person and do spectacular things most every day. The odds are in my favour. However, I suspect that it is really my mother who deserves to be celebrated on this day. After all, she is the one who birthed me. I had already over stayed my nine month welcome and, to add insult to injury, I weighed over nine pounds at birth.

My mother often enjoys spending a brief period of time on my birthday reminiscing about my birth. She tells me things, such as how I was actually born on the way to the delivery room because labour was so quick. “You may have been overdue,” she has said, continues to say and will no doubt say again, “but once you decided you were ready to make your entrance you did not waste any time.” This declaration is usually followed up with a joke about how nothing has really changed, but I disagree. A lot has changed. For instance, I now weigh substantially more than nine pounds. I am also much taller than I was at birth. Additionally, I would like to think that my communication skills have improved dramatically.


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