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Stuff Megan Does Not Like (Part Four)

My cat.

Actually, I generally like my cat, but there was a time that this was not the case. It was several years ago, and it was largely the result of the rift between us that was caused almost entirely by his drinking problem.


My cat is actually American. However, his nationality has nothing to do with the disdain I once felt for him. Rather, I was bothered by the air of superiority that he projected when in the presence of other cats and the way he insisted that a “real” football field was only 53 and 1/2 feet wide.

My cat is also technically a mutant. Aside from the power to annoy, he lacks any super abilities. However, he does have an unusually high quantity of toes. To be exact, my cat has twenty-seven toes. This is commonly referred to as polydactylism. I specifically sought him out because of this trait.

I’d become interested in polydactyl cats after visiting the home of Ernest Hemingway while I was in Key West, Florida. Polydactyl cats are supposed to bring good luck, but I think someone forgot to tell this to my cat.

My cat has many quirky traits that cause a special love/hate relationship to exist between us. For instance, my cat licks plastic. He also enjoys chewing on electrical cords. Have you ever had to tell a university professor that you weren’t going to be able to submit a paper on time because your cat chewed through your laptop’s power cord and your battery died? I have.

Although I lack actual proof, I think my cat may be evil.


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