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I never thought the day would come, yet here it is. In all seriousness, Internet, I am going to confess to you that I like exercising.

How weird is that?

I do not like exercising when I am in the midst of it. It is only once I have made it past the halfway point of my alloted exercise time that I am even able to begin to entertain the idea of appreciating what I am doing. Until that halfway point, I am a bitter, angry person. I spend that first 35 minutes, during which I am doing cardio, cursing to myself.

I like to think that the rage and resentment I feel towards exercising vacates my body along side the copious amounts of sweat I produce during my workout. Actually, “copious” does not even begin to paint a proper picture of how much sweat while exercising.

Prior to beginning a routine of regular exercise, I did not know that my forearms could sweat. That’s not true. I knew that my forearms could sweat; I just did not realize that my forearms could create enough sweat that the sweat would bead and fall to the floor.

By the time I have finished exercising each evening, it looks as though I had decided to take a shower while wearing workout attire. Thinking about it now, showering in my workout attire might actually be a good idea as I could use the time to wash both myself and my workout ensemble simultaneously.

One of the side effects of regular exercise has been that I have lost a little over 30 pounds. Seriously, I have no idea where it has gone. One day, it was there, on my hips, and the next day it had magically disappeared. While I am generally pleased by this development, I did not find it amusing when my pants nearly fell down while I was out grocery shopping. I had a flashback to a similar event that had occurred several years prior that ended in me being escorted, by staff, out of a bookstore.

It is probably time to invest in a belt.


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